CASE SHARING | BMW THE 4 short video

On 7 & 8 November, there is an art exhibition presented by artist Wang Yuyang and BMW THE 4, held in M WOODS Art Museum. MOTO produced a short video and the video explains the connection between automobile and art.

Aesthetics created by art & car

The art exhibition showed the combination of artist Wang Yuyang's view of "the world is not only one logic" and the tone of "future aesthetics" of the new BMW THE 4. MOTO Creative Team first understood the artworks, and then combined with the characteristics of BMW THE 4, presented it to the audience with their own shooting techniques.

MOTO Production Team selected the artworks consistent with the mood and tone of BMW THE 4 in the art museum as the shooting materials, and used POV shot as the main line. In order to highlight the "future aesthetic"  of the new BMW THE 4, MOTO Creative Team combined the artist's large artificial moon with the car to make the colorful light of the artificial moon reflected on the car body. Different colors constantly overlapped and changed, showing the unique colorful beauty.

In order to make the viewers have a more realistic visual experience, MOTO Production Team adjusted the position of the car several times during the shooting process, and shot from different angles.

Visual art of light and shadow

After finishing the location shooting in the art museum, the team started shooting in studio. Through the use of light, shadow, color and space, it created the light and shadow visual effect of the combination of the car and the artworks.


This time, MOTO captured the connection between the artworks and the new BMW THE 4, and showed this connection to the viewers by using light, shadow, color and space. The video conveys that the encounter of all things will bring people new cognition and thinking, and a new understanding of the world. That's why we are obsessed with the world.

Behind the scenes:

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