MOTO STAGE, Disruptive Technology Renewing Commercial Production

MOTO STAGE is a fully NC intelligent studio with Extended Reality (XR), the most cutting-edge technology in film and television production.

Its system is composed of a giant annular LED wall and a real-time rendering. By playing real or 3D pictures or videos on the LED, the technology can deliver vivid live-action shooting effect in the studio with a trackable camera for real-time rendering. For the first time in China, the subversive virtual shooting in the film is seen in the NC intelligent studio for commercial production. Its construction will utterly innovate the advertisement making and renew the industry thinking.  

Rid of traditional production shackles, the technology can create any realistic global scene, and even the surreal one. From then on, MOTO STAGE can further tailor the services for products, exaggerating their specialty and bringing unique visual style. With immersive whole coverage, ring-shaped LED offers real environmental tone to the products in it. The precise illumination in the studio allows one-off shot while satisfies the real lighting and refined display. The infinite scene variability and environmental vividness by the LED annular giant screen liberate the production from being classified into indoor and outdoor. For any imagination, the studio can realize immediate immersion, no matter for day or night, four seasons or extreme climate, real scene or future space.

The appearance of STAGE ensures that creativity and execution are perfectly integrated. All creativity is presented immediately. The powerful art and post-production team of MOTO platform can efficiently change and adjust scenes with the aid of real-time rendering. It is even able to build up a novel uniqueness by combining elements of scene library. Moreover, along with the adjustment, the effects in various scenes can be monitored at any time. No longer being linear, creativity is more of a full-time, real-time, completely open and changing expression. Real-time 3D rendering technology can precisely calculate the lens perspective, vehicle, local parts, and high and low angles; KV, Meitu, PR, and even short videos can be done at one time, desirable for different channels. Once again, MOTO production blazes new trail in technology and technique for the industry! At present, it has been fully built and put into use in MOTO Shanghai Studio, and a one-month experience has started in June 2021. It will renew your cognition of commercial production and redefine industry landscape.

Extend reality beyond imagination! In June 2021, MOTO STAGE sincerely invites you to enter the mind-blowing production world!

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