Providing high efficiency and high quality one-stop solution

On-location shooting without layout

With abundant domestic and overseas scouting libraries and years of understanding of brand and product mood, MOTO can quickly select the most suitable location for brand products, and adopt live-action shooting to improve the overall production efficiency.

Visual rebuild

MOTO PRODUCTION RESOURCE PLATFORM has a strong post-production team, which can implement visual rebuild, including car body structure strengthening, mood adjustment, environment adjustment, details re-shooting and other processes, and finally present a print ad with both reality and high quality.

Real scenes enhance visual impact and arouse resonance

Different from the traditional composition, MOTO MADE emphasizes on live-action shooting, which retains the reality and visual impact brought by the real shooting and makes consumers truly feel the product.

Solve the problem of limited time and budget

Currently, brands need to quickly update their publicity materials and keep brand popularity. MOTO MADE just meet this need of brands. Relying on rich resources and experience, MOTO MADE produces materials required by the brand with high efficiency and high quality. Its one-stop solution provides a complete set of print materials including KV, beauty shot and social print.


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