Creating multi-dimensional content according to brand strategy

Perfectly understand brand need based on years of service experience

MOTO has been cooperating with many high-end brands for more than ten years. We not only have a deep understanding of production and implementation, but also comprehend the brand strategies and brand needs. Whether it is print advertising, video advertising, or social media communication content, we create content from the perspective of brand, which can precisely convey the brand concept and spirit, and express the brand attitude.

Inhouse team produces executable creatives with high efficiency

Relying on MOTO’s powerful inhouse team, we can gather more professional resources and teams in the creative planning stage, cooperate closely, exert strengths, produce executable content that meets various needs, and realize creative visualization with the help of the inhouse production resources on the platform.

Collective creation, providing multi perspective and multi-dimensional creative content

We break away from the conventional linear execution mode and adopt collective creation mode. In the creative planning stage, the inhouse teams give solutions and recommendations based on their professional strengths. The creative directors / photographers have their own areas of expertise such as fashion, lifestyle and so on. They put forward new ideas and create immersive creative content.

Providing creative pre-shooting service

MOTO PRODUCTION RESOURCE PLATFORM has a complete video production team. The video production team includes pre-shooting and post-production. The collective creation mode enables the production team to deeply participate in the creative planning stage. The creative visualization can be realized through pre-shooting when necessary, which helps clients understand the creative content more intuitively.


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