Unifying brand visual style

Conveying brand spirit and attitude

Starting from the brand strategy and establishing visual standards

Brand visual guideline must be in line with the promotion strategy of the brand. MOTO combines years of visual presentation experience with the deep understanding of brand strategy, and integrates international visual trends, historical changes of brand promotion strategy and visual communication methods, so as to create visual guidelines with distinct recognition for the brand.

Style/color/elements/situational visual presentation

Based on years of professional experience in visual presentation, integrating the methods and trends of international visual expression, MOTO established a systematic and professional visual planning method to help brands convey their spirit and attitude from style, color, elements and situation.

Consistent visual planning enhances brand recognition

From print to video, from a single product to the brand identity, visual guidelines can bring distinct visual consistency to the brand, and make every appearance of the brand unique. MOTO collaborates with many brands, deeply understands the differences and unique positioning of different brands. MOTO plans unique visual creatives for the brand with the help of the powerful creative and production resource platform, so that the brand can leave a unique visual impression in the hearts of consumers.


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